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July 4th - Zoom Event

Feeling overwhelmed with so much happening online? Our brains have unbalanced with so much screen time!

Join us for our last free online experience to re-balance, connect, create and engage with mindfulness and art !

Info:           https://bit.ly/2Ym0qGy

Register:   https://bit.ly/3hGlrDk


¿Se sienten abrumados con tantas cosas sucediendo en línea? ¡No están solos!

Estos días se nos ha requerido incrementar el tiempo que tenemos que enfocarnos en las pantallas, lo que produce un aumento en la actividad del lado izquierdo de nuestros cerebros, dejando a nuestro lado derecho creativos y holísticos desequilibrado!

Entonces, ¿qué hacer? Súmate a la última experiencia gratuita que voy a liderar para conectar, crear y participar con atención plena y arte!

También tendremos un show en vivo de disruptive art® danza y música, ya que será un evento para recaudar fondos para la ONG @abrigar_derechos de Argentina. Así que si bien sumarte al evento es gratuito, te invito a participar y aprender más sobre esta ONG, y también hacer una donación a través de disruptiveart.ca/donate

Para la clase, sólo necesitarás algunos elementos Sugerimos papel y colores (témpera o lápices), pero sé creativo y encuentra materiales en tu hogar.

Enlace para registrarte : https://bit.ly/3hGlrDk

Estén saludables, seguros y balanceados! Y nos vemos el 4 de Julio!

June 6th - Zoom Event

In response to the overwhelming requests, following my chat with @startup_canada

#THRIVEPodcast, I am thrilled to announce a second free one hour live virtual disruptive art ® experience on Saturday June 6th , 11 AM (ET).

See you on Zoom!

Register here: bit.ly/3gdPWQg

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Join us May 2, 2020 (11 am ET) for some mindfulness and disruptive art.

Come for the 7’ relaxing breathing… stay for the hands-on fun !!

Register @ info@disruptive.art for details. See you on Zoom! #DisruptiveArt

More details on our Instagram account 🙂


¡Hemos actualizado nuestros horarios para la Sesión de Arte Virtual del Sábado!

Súmense el 2 de mayo de 2020 (11 am ET) para un rato de atención plena y arte disruptivo.

Vengan para respiración relajante de 7’… quédense para la diversión creativa!! #DisruptiveArt

   Special Session for Professionals – Buenos Aires – March 2019

Veronica Lopez – Graphic and Textile Designer

“I felt inspired and creatively activated. After the activity, ideas began to flow and I could quickly focus on a path of action.”

Silvina Alonso – Psychologist

I thought it was a very different, innovative experience. I felt it was a moment to cut with habits, with the usual ways, an activity that takes you out of your structures. Allows you to get carried away, connect with one’s more primal, not-so-conscious issues. Entertaining and a moment to rest and recover from so many daily demands.”

StartUp Canada Community Summit – Ottawa – October 2018

“Kim Hendi facilitated an icebreaker session during our Community Summit where the leaders of more than 50 Startup Communities flew from across Canada to convene in Ottawa to give entrepreneurs a voice and to build a more entrepreneurial Canada.

The Disruptive Art session really set a great tone and mood for the remaining Summit. While being disruptive, yet very professional, she conducted an art session that everyone fell in love with, working both independently and together, co-creating a story through art and working the emotional side of the brain.

We are so happy to have been able to learn from Kim and would recommend her sessions 100%. Everyone’s feedback from this activity was extremely positive.

We look forward to keep working together!”

Andrea Knapp, Executive Program Coordinator

Startup Canada

 Blue Sky School, Kanata, 3 Hs. workshop, December 2018

Kiara Whitney – Blue Sky School, Learner – Age 13

disruptive art® with Radha was extremely fun and mindful. it gave me a chance to look past everything solid and into the abstract, and showed me that technical skills in art aren’t everything. The idea of her disruptions was scary at first, but eventually they opened my mind to the possibilities of different things I could do.”

Charlotte – Blue Sky School, Learner – Age 13

“I grew to love how Radha always encouraged us to take a precise, literal piece of art and asked us to disrupt it in an abstract feeling because thoughts and feelings are not always direct. I believe that is the true definition of an artist. I try to practice disruptive art®  independently and it has been a great activity, allowing me to be mindful on my train of thought.”

Blue Sky School, Kanata, Summer session 2017

Grace Hill – Blue Sky School, Learner – Age 13

“Before doing Radha’s workshop, I did not consider myself an artist. I felt was really bad at it and I simply could not get better. Through Radha’ s disruption workshops, I learned that this simply is not true and that is everyone is an artist and every piece of art is a masterpiece. Art is just all about interpretation and everyone who thinks they are a bad artist just is interpreting the art in one single way. Radha did this by encouraging us to step outside our comfort zone and paint without having that voice in our head.”