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Do you have an event to plan?

 Team building? Design thinking session? Family gathering?

Product launch? School activity? Yoga retreat?

Consider a disruptive art® experience !

Government, Corporate

  • Team Building
  • Brainstorming Sessions
  • Ice Breakers
  • Pre-Design Thinking
  • Small and Large Groups


Social Events, Communities

  • Social Gatherings
  • Family Events
  • Healing Circles
  • Community Classes

Education Academic

  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Workshops
  • Social Media Take-overs


On Demand

  • Virtual or in-person
  • Small groups 
  • Tailored
  • Pre-Recorded or On Demand
  • English or Spanish



What does a disruptive art® experience look like?



  • Mindful breathing
  • Visualization
  • Tapping into the right side of the brain
  • Hands-on creative process
  • Creative intervention
  • Feed-back

Example: What you need for a disruptive art® ice-breaker session


3-15 participants


1 – 1:30′ Hs


In person or Virtual


Sourced or found at home

Benefits to you and your team

  • Strengthen human connections

  • Develop and adatp to innovative processes

  • Exercise flexibility and openness to change

  • Promote mental health and stress-resilience

  • Encourage creativy thinking and innovation

  • Improved team dynamics

  • Strengthened cognitive behaviour

  • Increased self exteem

  • Promotion of neuroplasticity and new idea

  • Overall sense of relaxation and well-being.

Simple steps to bring a disruptive art® session to you !

Send us details

Include ocassion, audience, goals,objectives, approximate number of participants, preferred date/times/lentght, ideas you may have for materials, location, flow and others.

Free consultation

Togeter we explore opportunities to tailor your unique experience, including materials, location or virtual platforms, incorporating live music or dance, and modalities for feedback and sharing.


We confirm date, time, sourcing and delivery of materials, and all necessary logistics.

 Ready to go !


You and your team are set to connect, create and engage in your tailored disruptive art® experience!

“The experience was fun and very profound. There was an awareness of the opportunity to change rigid behaviours that have to date impacted many aspects of my life by balancing both sides of my brain. I feel these sessions would be excellent for organizations and governments. It is not often that we are presented with the opportunity to learn by playing, creating and using art and see results in such a short time and with deep long-lasting positive impact.”

Sylvie GAlliene

Senior Officer, Government of Canada

“Kim Hendi facilitated an icebreaker session during our Community Summit where the leaders of more than 50 Startup Communities flew from across Canada to convene in Ottawa to give entrepreneurs a voice and to build a more entrepreneurial Canada. The Disruptive Art session really set a great tone and mood for the remaining Summit. While being disruptive, yet very professional, she conducted an art session that everyone fell in love with, working both independently and together, co-creating a story through art and working the emotional side of the brain.

We are so happy to have been able to learn from Kim and would recommend her sessions 100%. Everyone’s feedback from this activity was extremely positive. We look forward to keep working together!”

Andrea Knapp

Executive Program Coordinator, StartUp Canada

disruptive art® with Radha was extremely fun and mindful. it gave me a chance to look past everything solid and into the abstract, and showed me that technical skills in art aren’t everything. The idea of her disruptions was scary at first, but eventually they opened my mind to the possibilities of different things I could do.”

“I grew to love how Radha always encouraged us to take a precise, literal piece of art and asked us to disrupt it in an abstract feeling because thoughts and feelings are not always direct. I believe that is the true definition of an artist. I try to practice disruptive art®  independently and it has been a great activity, allowing me to be mindful on my train of thought.”

Charlotte and Kiara

Learners, Blue Sky School, Kanata

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