More about Kim (Radha)

Dr. Kim (Radha) Hendi is the creator and founder of disruptive art ®. She was born in Montreal, Quebec and lived great part of her life in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Kim also worked and lived for a year in South Africa and currently resides in Ottawa, Canada.

Kim (Radha) is the co-founder and senior art curator for artfifteen gallery ® of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She also is the editor for the English and Spanish works of Eagle Feather Books.

She is trained in art, mindfulness, collaborative processes, and science.


Kim (Radha) trained in design and fashion at the Escuela de Diseño Delego y Lagarrigue (now Donato Delego) of Buenos Aires, Argentina;  in drawing at Dawson College in Montreal, Quebec; in color and acrylics with Ottawa’s Bhat Boy, and explored advance multimedia art expressions and mindfulness with Ana Karyn’s  Art in Gibberish® (now Berdhanya Swami Tierra ).  She also has training in clay from Loam Clay Studio of Ottawa.


Kim (Radha) graduated from the yoga and mindfulness Bioenergetics Institute of Ottawa. She is an advanced student of Berdhanya Swami Tierra and a coach and mentor of Berdhanya Teachings.

Partnership and collaborative processes

Kim (Radha) trained as an Honorary Fellow at the Internet Society ICANN Buenos Aires multi-stakeholder process. As an international development consultant and later senior officer with the Government of Canada she advanced international partnerships in the Americas and was instrumental in the transfer of Canada’s information and communication technology (ICT) programs and policies.  Currently Kim identifies and develops strategic multi-stakeholder partnerships for the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) to promote awareness and education of intellectual property (IP) issues.


Kim (Radha) has training in Business Administration (Bachelor), International Affairs (Masters) and holds a PhD in Political Science.  Her doctoral studies focused on the strength of promoting multi-stakeholder engagements to support the sustainability and success of complex and innovative projects.  She also researched the empowering and transformative results of designing policies and programs that support awareness, education and skills development, especially related to innovative and disruptive technologies.