disruptive art ® was founded by communications and stakeholder engagement expert Dr. Radha (Kim) Hendi.  She developed the innovative disruptive art ® process building on her unique background in mindfulness, the arts, coaching, scientific research, and exploration as disruptive art coach at the Blue Sky School in Kanata.

The disruptive art ® sessions are art-based hands-on experiences that combine mindfulness, creativity and science to connect participants with the right sides of their brains.  

The innovative aspect of the disruptive art ® technique is that it incorporates personalized art interventions within the process, encouraging participants to navigate disruptions within the creative (right) side of their brain.  It is based on scientific research which indicates that introducing mindful breathing, visualization and art into your life promotes the balance on both sides of your brain, an increase in mental agility, creativity and a relaxed sense of being.