I’m Dr. Kim Hendi, Radha

CEO, Founder and Lead Coach at disruptive art®

I’m Dr. Kim Hendi, Radha, CEO,  Founder and Lead Coach of disruptive art®, an innovative technique that combines mindfulness, art, science — and now technology !- to balance and re-wire both sides of the brain, empower individuals and teams, strengthen our positive mindset, and support our journey to celebrate, nurture and reclaim our multi-dimensionality and uniqueness as co-creators of our universe!

So “Seize life by the art!” Dr. Kim Hendi (Radha)

If you’d like to read more on my background in mindfulness, science, art and technology, you can read my bio here.

And if you’re wondering what does mindful breathing, visualization and art have to do with creativity, innovation and well being, there is  information on the science behind disruptive art® here.


Meet our Team

Angeles Miranda

Angeles Miranda

Creative zone facilitator - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Angeles Sol Miranda is a successful design artist and industrial designer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has extensive experience in watercolors, claywork, acrylics, drawing and sculpture. Angeles has facilitates individual and group art attack® sessions in Buenos Aires.

Briya Freeman

Briya Freeman

Creative zone facilitator - Ottawa - Gatineau, Canada

Rachel (Briya) Freeman has facilitated courses for both corporate and private audience in Canada and internationally in  the fields of innovation, organizational agility, arts-based engagement, stress-resilience, and meditation. She is a graduate of The Telfer School of Management (Ottawa), and has advanced studies in international business (France) and the natural healing science of Ayurveda (India).

Jalila Singerff

Jalila Singerff

Creative zone facilitator, Vancouver, B.c., Canada

Jalila  is a communications artist, specializing in marketing, public relations and social media currently residing in Vancouver.  In addition to leading creative zones, she provides business advisory services to the creative and fashion industries in Canada and internationally.

Our mission

To empower individuals and teams to tap into the potential of their multi-dimensionality and create an expression of their  uniqueness.

Our vision

To encourage individuals, teams, communities, families to connect, create and engage to promote innovation, balance and mindfulness in the world.

Why choose us

“I felt inspired and creatively activated. After the activity, ideas began to flow and I could quickly focus on a path of action.”

Veronica Lopez

Graphic and Textile Designer Buenos Aires, Argentina

I thought it was a very different, innovative experience. I felt it was a moment to cut with habits, with the usual ways, an activity that takes you out of your structures. Allows you to get carried away, connect with one’s more primal, not-so-conscious issues. Entertaining and a moment to rest and recover from so many daily demands.”

Silvina Alonso

Psychologist , Buenos Aires, Argentina

“Before doing Radha’s workshop, I did not consider myself an artist. I felt was really bad at it and I simply could not get better. Through Radha’ s disruption workshops, I learned that this simply is not true and that is everyone is an artist and every piece of art is a masterpiece. Art is just all about interpretation and everyone who thinks they are a bad artist just is interpreting the art in one single way. Radha did this by encouraging us to step outside our comfort zone and paint without having that voice in our head.” 

Grace Hill

Learner, Blue Sky School, Kanata, Canada

News & Events

.ART interview with CEO Kim Hendi

Catch the great interview of .ART with CEO Kim Hendi

On Demand Pre-Recorded Course - Spanish

Check out the new “Tierra-Aire-Fuego” pre-recorded Spanish course to balance your energy with nature on the  Our Courses tab!

Our Shop at disruptive.art!

At disruptive art we’re creativity and innovation coaches, and we’re also artist!  Our team of fashion experts, industrial designers, painters, sculptures and potters has brought an expression of mindfulness, art and science to wearable and decorative objects for you and your home ! Take a look at Our Shop and enjoy bringing mindfulness, art and balance to your home! disruptive.art


Check out the calendar for our next virtual community live events here!

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.ART interview with CEO Kim Hendi


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