disruptive art ® experiences are innovative hands-on, art and science based interactions. They build on neuroscience research that indicates a combination of mindfulness, art and change promotes mental agility, a joyful and relaxed sense of being, and the re-wiring and balancing of both sides of the brain, which leads to a positive mindset, creativity and innovation.

disruptive art ® experiences can be delivered in person or virtually (zoom). Sessions are never the same. They are personalized and evolve with each group’s particular requirements, goals, time constraints and availability.

We have strong experience delivering disruptive art ® sessions in person and virtually/online (zoom):

- to individual, small and large groups,
- for government, corporate and social settings,
- as ice breakers for social or government vents,
- to promote engagement and new ideas during policy sessions and design thinking processes,
- to strengthen teams working remotely and promote collaboration,
- as an activity to support balance and mental health.

disruptive art ® sessions and workshops are offered in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

Contact us to schedule a free consultation to bring a disruptive art ® session to your team, community or venue!