connect. create. engage. 

disruptive art ® is an innovative technique created by communications, and stakeholder engagement coach Dr. Radha (Kim)  Hendi.

  • Connect to your inner creative potential through mindfulness and art.
  • Create an expression of your potential and uniqueness
  • Engage in the expansion of ideas, concepts and behaviors.

disruptive art ® experiences are excellent as a policy session ice-breaker, a team building event, a tool to promote creativity and collaboration, as well as a fun social activity before a design thinking session to promote dialogue and engagement.

disruptive art ® sessions promote creativity, innovation, a positive mindset, a relaxed state of being, and creates team bonds.

disruptive art ®  experiences are never the same. They are personalized to address and evolve with each group’s uniqueness, goals, environment and media.

Through personalized art interventions and guided by a specialized coach, participants are encouraged to expand their boundaries, challenge their personalities and attachments, and manifest their uniqueness.

Sessions and workshops are offered in group or individual settings, and can be delivered in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

Contact us to schedule a disruptive art ® session for your group or team!