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Hi, I’m Dr. Kim Hendi, Radha

CEO,  Founder and lead coach of disruptive art®

I guide innovative fun, hands-on innovative experiences that promote balance, creativity and well-being.

The disruptive art® technique combines mindfulness, art and neuroplasticity science to tap into the innovative side of the brain, encourage an expression of your uniqueness, balance and re-wire both sides of the brain, promoting positive thinking, a feeling of empowerment and overall sense of well-being.

What is disruptive art®?

  • An innovative technique for creative workshops that  combines mindfulness, art and science.

  • Experiences are hands-on, art-based and therapeutic. They are customized to the needs of  a variety of audiences.

The science behind it

If you’re wondering what mindful breathing, visualization and hands-on art have to do with creativity, innovation and well being?

Well everything ! LEARN MORE

Benefits to participants

  • Promotion of balance, mental health and stress-resilience.
  • Encourage greative thinking, innovation, new ideas.
  • Strengthened team dynamics and mental plasticity.
  • Improved cognitive behaviour, self esteem.
  • Overall sense of relaxation and well-being.


Do you have an event to plan?

Team building? Design thinking session? Family gathering? Product launch? School activity? Yoga retreat?

Consider a disruptive art®  experience !

Example: What you need for an ice-breaker session

Simple steps to get you started

Send us details — We discuss — Coordinate Logistics –You’re Ready to go!

Ready to bring disruptive art® to your team?

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News & Events

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On Demand Pre-Recorded Course - Spanish

Check out the new “Tierra-Aire-Fuego” pre-recorded Spanish course to balance your energy with nature on the  Our Courses tab!

Our Shop at!

At disruptive art we’re creativity and innovation coaches, and we’re also artist!  Our team of fashion experts, industrial designers, painters, sculptures and potters has brought an expression of mindfulness, art and science to wearable and decorative objects for you and your home ! Take a look at Our Shop and enjoy bringing mindfulness, art and balance to your home!


Check out the calendar for our next virtual community live events here!

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.ART interview with CEO Kim Hendi


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